Fantic Motor 125cc

Are you the proud owner of a Fantic Motor 125cc and are you looking for the best support from smartphone that combines simplicity and practicality ?

Look no further, at Shapeheart we have the solution!

    Install the Moto Classic mount in a few seconds, thanks to the rubber bands or the strap (both are provided), directly on your handlebars from 20 to 50 mm in diameter. Then, slide your smartphone into the sleeve and magnetize the whole to the support.

    Easy to install and use, discreet and safe: Shapeheart supports up to 50 times the weight of your smartphone. It's the perfect mount for your Fantic Motor 125cc!

    Ideal for young riders, the Fantic Motor 125cc is light, agile and ensures optimal stability on all roads thanks to its new engine. Perfect for thrill seekers!

    Our other mounts compatible with your Fantic Motor 125cc :

    Moto Pro Boost mount

    Integrated into your motorcycle handlebars, the Moto Pro Boost support will allow you to choose the position of your smartphone at your convenience thanks to the Booster 360.

    Discover the mount

    Handlebar Boost mount

    Handlebar Elastic mounting


    Want to know more about our magnetic smartphone supports, and to discover all our products to personalize your 2 wheels?

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