Back-to-school biker's essentials

With the start of the new school year fast approaching, motorcycle enthusiasts can't wait to get back on the road. For a safe and enjoyable riding experience, it's essential to be properly equipped.

Ready to discover the essential equipment that will guarantee you safe and memorable journeys? Follow our guide!

"Riding a motorcycle is without doubt the most intense sensation a machine can provoke" - Paul Peczon

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Helmet and protection 

Safety is always the number one priority for motorcyclists. Start by choosing a high-quality helmet that offers optimum protection in the event of an accident. Complete your outfit with abrasion-resistant gloves, jacket and pants.

We recommend our favorite helmet of 2023, the Neotec 2 from "Shoei", a helmet that combines durability and style, so you can ride with confidence. your feet!

Protective boots and shoes 

Feet are exposed and vulnerable when riding a motorcycle. Choose boots or shoes specially designed for motorcyclists, with ankle and shin reinforcements for maximum protection.

With its Freccia range, Forma offers elegant, functional boots that meet the needs of safety-conscious motorcyclists. 

The essential companion for all your motorcycle outings: Shapeheart!

Rain gear 

The weather can be unpredictable, especially with the onset of autumn. To stay dry, invest in quality rain gear, such as oversuits, raincoats and waterproof gloves.

The Rev 'It Nitric 2 H2O jacket offers practical options for staying dry. The jacket's EN343 certification guarantees product quality, giving it good water permeability, evaporative resistance and strength (tensile strength, tear strength, seam strength and shrinkage). A hood integrated into the collar protects you from rain or cold once you're off your two-wheeler. 

Smartphone accessories 

With technology so pervasive in our lives, having the right phone holder while riding can be indispensable. The Shapeheart brand sets itself apart by offering the best phone holder for bikers. The innovative mounting system secures the phone to the motorcycle tank, while keeping it within easy reach thanks to its magnetic pocket. The system provides an unobstructed view and easy access to navigation, while keeping your eyes on the main thing: the road. 

Practical luggage 

If you're planning to carry personal items on your journeys, functional luggage is essential. Water-resistant panniers, ergonomic backpacks and luggage racks can help you transport your belongings safely.

Kappa also offers intelligent luggage solutions designed to meet the needs of motorcyclists, including the Monokey K40. Its 40L capacity is more than adequate for a full-face helmet or suitcases. Last but not least, the Monokey K40's original, stylish design is highly appreciated by our team. 

As always, the back-to-school season offers the opportunity for a new look. By choosing your equipment wisely, from helmets to phone holders to protective clothing, you can enjoy every ride in complete safety. So make sure you're properly equipped, and get ready for an exciting and carefree back-to-school motorcycling season.

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