Maintaining your motorcycle

Your motorcycle is your most precious possession and you're looking for the best way to maintain it? Do you want to keep it as long as possible? Shapeheart has everything you need.

Here are a few tips for maintaining your motorcycle.


Respect maintenance intervals

Every motorcycle has an owner's manual and a service manual supplied by the manufacturer. So it's very important to consult them regularly for recommended maintenance intervals . So there's no excuse not to read the manuals.

Keep to this schedule for oil changes, air and fuel filter replacements, and inspections of brakes, chain and other important components.
Your bike will thank you!

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Check fluid levels regularly

Fluids play a crucial role in keeping your motorcycle running smoothly. Check oil, coolant, brake and transmission fluid levels regularly. If levels are low, top them up in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.

A point not to be neglected for your two-wheeler!

Maintaining your motorcycle also means pampering it! Discover our range of motorcycle accessories:

tip no. 3

Clean and lubricate the chain

Objective: to preserve your motorcycle for as long as possible.

So don't forget to check the chain regularly. The drive chain is subject to heavy stress and needs regular maintenance. Clean it with a special degreaser, then lubricate it with a suitable grease. A clean, well-lubricated chain improves motorcycle performance and extends its life.

tip no. 4

Keep an eye on the battery

Like all vehicles with a battery, your motorcycle's battery can run down quickly if left unused for long periods. Use a battery charger to maintain the charge when the motorcycle is at rest. Check the battery terminals regularly to make sure they're clean and tight.

tip no. 5

Protect your motorcycle from the elements

Exposing your motorcycle to the elements can accelerate the deterioration of its components, especially if you live in areas exposed to heavy rain. If possible, store it in a garage or use a protective cover to shield it from rain, dust and sunlight. This will help preserve your bike's appearance and prevent rust.

By following these maintenance tips, you'll ensure a long life for your motorcycle.

So take the time to pamper your bike, clean it lovingly and give it the care it needs. You'll be rewarded with miles of happiness, thrills and unforgettable adventures.

Grab your bike keys and hit the road!

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