The best bike apps

There are many advantages to riding a bike in the city: it's healthy, it's environmentally friendly and it's often faster than public transportation.

But planning your routes can sometimes be complicated. Fortunately, there are many apps to help you find the best cycling routes.

Here are some of the best options available:

1. The essential Google Maps

This application has become a must-have, allowing you to plan bike routes using real-time traffic data.

The +: It also shows you the bicycle paths and the available bicycle parking areas.

2. Strava, the cyclists' friend

This application is popular with sport cyclists, but it can also be used to plan daily trips.

The +: It shows you the most frequented itineraries by cyclists, as well as the hills and descents to avoid.

3. Bike Citizens, the big city pro

this application, available only on iOSis specially designed for urban cyclists.

The advantage: It offers routes adapted to cyclists, avoiding streets that are too steep or too busy.

MapMyRide, the analyst!

This application allows you to plan bike routes and find the most suitable routes for cyclists.

The plus: it also offers additional features such as tracking your journey and analyzing your performance.

5. Citymapper, the most versatile

This application is particularly useful for getting around the city from A to Z.

The + : It gives you itineraries combining different means of transportation (bike, bus, metro) to allow you to arrive at your destination as quickly as possible.

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In summary ...

There are many other applications to plan your bike trips, but these are certainly among the most popular and useful.

So what are you waiting for to download one and start cycling in the city?

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