Happy birthday Shapeheart!

On this October 11, 2023, Shapeheart proudly celebrates its sixth anniversary! Six years ago, two sports enthusiasts joined forces to bring you a whole new way of using your smartphone on the move. This is our story, a daring challenge which, six years later, has paid off. It's all about the simplicity and reliability of magnetism, Shapeheart's secret recipe.


    A shared passion: sport

    We're Antoine and Michael, two sports enthusiasts. Like many of you, sport has always been an integral part of our lives. As runners, we had our own little habits: listening to our favorite playlists during exercise, keeping track of our sporting performances or discovering new landscapes during our jogs. All these simple things are now made possible by a single object: our smartphone.

    It's precisely to make it easier to use your smartphone during exercise that we created Shapeheart!


    In the beginning...

    While you probably know us from our motorcycle and bike mounts, Shapeheart was originally designed for runners.

    While designing our very first product, the heart armband , we were faced with a major problem: how to keep the heart sensor in contact with the skin while maintaining quick access to the phone? Thus was born the revolutionary idea of the detachable magnetic pocket system.

    6 years old and as reliable as ever! A magnetic system that will never let you down.

    True to our values

    As committed as ever

    Right from the start of our adventure, we committed ourselves to respecting certain principles that were important to us, particularly with regard to our environmental impact:

    • Quality and durability Our aim is to design products that are durable and of the highest quality. In fact, to combat over-consumption, our magnets are eternal and indestructible, guaranteeing long-term use.

    • Respect for the environment We have banned the use of plastic and reduced the size of our packaging as much as possible. The aim is to limit our impact with more environmentally-friendly packaging.

    • Accessibility Shapeheart is available in over 5,000 out lets across Europe. It was important for us to maintain this proximity to the local trade and, above all, to guarantee low prices, accessible to all.

    Thanks to you

    6 years of adventure and encounters

    Every Shapeheart product has been designed with your needs in mind, thanks to your comments and suggestions. All your feedback has helped us improve our product catalog. Each support is rigorously tested and made from the finest materials.

    Whether on screen or at events, we're grateful for the opportunity to talk to so many of you. We look forward to growing with you, taking on new challenges and continuing to make your daily life easier.

    This anniversary is an opportunity to celebrate how far we've come. Our team will continue to find new ways to accompany your smartphone for many years to come!

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