Aprilia RS 660

For all Aprilia RS 660 owners, we've found the best simple and discreet phone holder to accompany your motorcycle outings.

    Our recommendation:

    The Boost motorcycle half handlebar phone mount has been specially designed for sport bikes like the Aprilia RS 660. It screws onto the steering column, while retaining the magnet system. The Boost motorcycle handlebar mount not only gives you total control over your phone's position, but also protects your phone from vibrations and rain thanks to its pocket. 

    Easy to use, reliable and unique, the Moto Stem Boost phone mount is the perfect match for your Aprilia RS 660.

    In 2020, Aprilia has taken a risk with its new medium-displacement sportbike, while all its competitors have abandoned this category to focus on large-displacement bikes. Its unique design makes it light and compact, offering excellent stability at high speed. The Italian brand's racing heritage is perfectly represented in theAprilia RS 660.

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