A 100% mountain-biking day

A more than successful test!

It is under a sunny weather and in an idyllic setting, that the test began.

Accompanied by his magnetic phone mount, Bastien had a fun time testing out our product. But nothing works, it is too resistant!

This week, we joined Bastien Malzieu, professional mountain biker and participant in the French Championship of the discipline, to test the efficiency of our Shapeheart bike mount!

Between two backflips and a few descents, the Shapeheart mount proved its efficiency.

two options

The Plate or the sleeve, the choice is yours!

Equipped with his bike mount on his handlebars, Bastien went on different downhill runs to test the resistance of our support.

To prove the effectiveness of our products we conducted 2 tests, one with our sleeve and the other with our adhesive steel plate. In both cases: a success!

Want to discover our bike's mounts? Don't wait any longer !

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