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Are you a regular bicycle, motorcycle or scooter's user? Or maybe you are a running's lover? You've probably decided to opt for a Shapeheart's smartphone mount to accompany all your trips.

But did you know that your Shapeheart's mount is much more versatile than you thought? To make your life easier, we've put together a non-exhaustive list of possible uses for your Shapeheart's product. So what's yours? 

1. Scooter

Becoming a real trend those last years, the electric scooter still convince and create more and more followers. Easy to use, light and fast, the electric scooter has now invaded the bike paths of major cities.

The Shapeheart stand can be the perfect product to accompany you on all your rides. Small and discreet, like your scooter, it's the perfect match

2. Stroller

If you've ever been through the "diaper and stroller " thing, you probably know how restrictive it can be to use your smartphone while keeping a safe eye on your child. With the Shapeheart's mount, place your dock on the handlebars and keep your child in your sights! A way to be a model and connected parent! 

3. Golf caddy

Want to keep an eye on your smartphone while competing for the 18-hole course, our supports are perfectly adapted to this kind of situation. Place your Shapeheart on your caddy and enjoy the course to the fullest!

For your equipment, we recommend our smartphone Scooter mount for mirrors. A swing, a putting and a Shapeheart, and you're on your way to a successful round! 

4. Quad

The perfect way to explore and discover more remote, when car can't access. But did you know that your Shapeheart's mount can also accompany you on your adventures? In fact, place your Shapeheart holder on your handlebar and have your smartphone at hand to guide you

5. The use you give it!

Over the years, many customers have given us feedback on our products, and many of them have told us that they have a different use for our products than the basic one.

A bike stand that has been transformed into a stroller stand or a scooter stand placed on fences to take pictures in the street... Shapeheart will be your most versatile companion

Want to explore all the possible uses of Shapeheart mounts? Come and discover our different ranges of supports smartphone. Do you have a completely new use for our supports? Don't hesitate to tell us about it in the comments, we want to know everything

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