Adopt the bib holder magnet

When preparing to participate in an official run, there are many details to consider to ensure an enjoyable and successful experience.

One of these details is the choice between using magnets or pins to secure your bib. So why would you choose magnets over pins?

We explain it all to you!

1. More practical for your clothes

First of all, bib magnets are much more convenient and easy to use than pins. You won't have to worry about piercing your clothing or hurting yourself with a pin. The magnets simply attach to your clothing, just magnetize them together.

2. Safer! (No more boo-boos)

In addition, bib magnets are also safer than pins. Have you ever pricked your finger with a pin, trying desperately to get your bib on? With the bib holder, that's history!

Safer, its small magnets will accompany you everywhere and avoid any kind of disturbance before your race! Magnets cannot hurt you, so they are safer for you and other runners.

3. More ecological!

Bib magnets are also more environmentally friendly than pins.

Rarely reused, pins regularly end up in nature, causing damage to our environment.

On the other hand, the magnets will not let you go and are 100% reusable. An accessory that will accompany you on all your errands!

In summary ...

Using a bib magnet instead of pins to attach your bib during an official race can be: more practical, safer and more ecological

So next time you're at a race, forget the pins and opt for bib magnets!

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