Choosing an electric bike

You've probably noticed it in the last few years, electric has become more than trendy! From cars to scooters to buses, everyone is going electric, and for the better.

In the last few months, the electric bike has started to make its appearance in our daily life. Convenient and fast, electric bicycles are becoming more and more popular and are a hit in stores. So where does this phenomenon come from and why should we opt for the electric bike in 2023? 


But what is an electric bike?

The Electrically Assisted Bike (EAB) or more commonly known as electric bike, bases its appearance on a classic bike but has a particularity that distinguishes it: it has an electric motor!

But the motor is not the only thing that makes the bike go, you count for a lot too. Indeed, this mode of transport combines your energy with that of the engine.

What are the benefits?

comfort above all!

Less effort and more comfort!

Is the electric bike the perfect compromise between effort and relaxation? Well, yes! Its system, similar to that of an electric scooter, requires a speed increase to at least 6km/h to activate the motor.

From this speed, and up to 25km/h, enjoy a real ride, without too much physical effort. 

The little plus

No more "Matin Transpi"!

One of the biggest " cons " of using a mechanical bike is the level of physical energy it requires. Over longer distances, cycling can potentially lead to sweating, which in turn will depend on the temperature you are exposed to.

Arriving at work after a 30-minute bike ride in 30°C weather is not necessarily the best thing... But with the electric bike, no more risks! An effort and a need for deodorant minimized. forthe greatest pleasure of your colleagues

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invest for the future!

An investment that will work for you!

The price of electric bikes on the market can vary from 900 to 5000 euros for the most qualitative models. A rather high price, but can this investment pay for itself over time? 

The question is yes! Unlike a mechanical bike, an electric bike allows you to cover longer distances at a higher speed, thus coming closer to the usefulness of a scooter or a motorcycle. 

And it is especially on the budget that you will devote to recharge your 2 wheels, which will make you happy. According to several calculations, count about a cost of 1€ of electricity for 1000km. That is 0,001€ per kilometer. To give you an idea, a car consumes about 85€ of gasoline for 1000km, that is to say 0,085 per kilometer traveled. 

the helping hand!

A help to make your life easier!

It is well known! The bicycle is more responsible, more practical, more accessible... And most of all, it's good for your wallet! Since January 1, 2023, the government has introduced a subsidy called "Bonus Vélo" to make it easier for certain households to buy a bicycle. To know all the conditions of eligibility, do not hesitate to consult the site of the government. 

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So, is it worth it?

The electric bicycle counts today more and more septics, but especially of followers! With a very versatile use, ranging from leisure ride to daily commute to your workplace. The EAB is positioned as a more ecological alternative to the car or motorcycle, which will allow you to keep the freedom and fluidity of a classic mechanical bike.

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