Trends: folding bikes...

"Are folding bikes as convenient as they say?" That's the question the Shapeheart team is asking today. 

Let's decipher the preconceived ideas and apprehensions surrounding this cycling trend that emerged a few years ago. We're off! 

    Where does the folding bike come from?

    The arrival of folding bikes on the bicycle market has marked a revolution in the world of urban mobility. Once considered a curiosity, these compact and versatile bikes have gained in popularity in recent years. This concept appeared to adapt to a new need of workers: to be able to be versatile in their way of moving. They allow users to easily combine different modes of transportation, such as cycling and public transport, offering unparalleled flexibility. 


    "Folding bikes are for small people .... "

    There are many apprehensions about the weight of the cyclist to ride a folding bike. Is there a maximum weight to use it? Well, the answer is simply no! 

    Despite its small size and very compact styling (which may explain your doubts), it fits the vast majority of adults. These bikes are highly appreciated for their versatility. In fact, a 1.85m adult will feel just as at home on this bike as a still-growing 12-year-old teenager. It's the ideal choice for those looking for a multi-user bike. It's sure to please young and old alike! 

    The essential companion for all your cycling outings: Shapeheart!

    preconceived notion n°2

    "Folding bikes are not made for long distances..." 

    It's been tested and verified: the folding bike is suitable for long distances! Of course, these bikes will never be as comfortable as road bikes for your future bike rides, but they are still very practical for regular rides and trips! 

    The main factor that makes you think that these bikes can be uncomfortable is the saddle layout. Indeed, positioned straight, without any inclination, we can believe that every ride will be a real ordeal... but it's not true (your back will even say thank you). 

    preconceived notion n°3

    "Folding bikes are not that practical..."

    Practical is clearly the word that best describes folding bikes! For the "bike-metro" enthusiasts, it's the perfect travel companion. Easy to fold, perfect for getting into transportation with your bike without disturbing anyone. In this respect, the folding bike has nothing to envy to its two-wheeled compatriots.

    However, remember to take into account a potential adaptation period to get used to the folding process, which can sometimes seem a bit of a headache!

    Once you've learned how to do it, no more worries, you'll become a time-saving pro.

    The folding bike is still perceived as a taboo in the world of cyclists. Many will criticize, but this method of transport answers above all a need: that to move in a new way. 

    So, convinced by this 2-wheeler? 

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