Trend: cargo bikes

You've probably seen them storming all the major cities: cargo bikes have arrived and made their mark!
These bikes, with a loading space at the front or rear, offer a practical, economical and ecological solution for transporting goods and people. Shapeheart explains the phenomenon and all the advantages of this new type of bicycle.


    Storage space: a must

    Cargo bikes offer great flexibility in terms of transport space. Their roomy loads allow you to transport numerous goods, parcels or simply your shopping... A real lifesaver for non-motorized city dwellers!

    What's more, some cargo bikes are designed to carry children, offering a safe and fun alternative for urban families.

    Making everyday life easier

    The best friend for everyday tasks

    In addition to their environmental benefits, cargo bikes can also be highly cost-effective. Much less expensive to buy and maintain than a car, cargo bikes can be a great alternative for urban living.

    Say hello to simplicity: no more parking fees, no more expensive insurance and no more gasoline costs. The cargo bike will make your daily life easier !

    In recent months, many companies have opted to use cargo bikes for their external missions, so why not you?

    A cargo bike without its Shapeheart rack? Not even a dream!


    Improvements still needed...

    Despite this growing trend, small changes are still required to fully accommodate this type of bike.
    Indeed, these wider and heavier bikes are not compatible with all infrastructures. While cargo bikes offer many advantages, there are also a number of challenges to be overcome if they are to be widely adopted. Urban infrastructure needs to be adapted to accommodate cargo bikes, with well-developed cycle paths and adequate parking spaces.

    Some regions can also encourage the use of cargo bikes by offering financial assistance and supporting the creation of cargo bike delivery services. Economical, ecological... Cargo bikes are at the heart of every trend!

    cargo family

    Cargo bikes... Even with the family!

    "Getting around by bike with several people? Impossible!" With these bikes, defy prejudice. In fact, many bikes now offer alternatives for creating passenger space at the rear of the bike. With a bench seat that's generally very wide, leaving a comfortable place for a second passenger, you can also insert up to two child seats on certain models.
    A 2-wheeler that revolutionizes family travel and gives you one more reason to go green!

    Cargo bikes have already won over many active city dwellers. Will you be tempted?

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