Bicycle innovations 2023

Bicycles never stop evolving, offering us new innovations and trends every year that make our lives much easier! Whether you are a passionate cyclist or simply interested in new trends, Shapeheart offers you to discover the best bike trends of the last months!

A new must-have

Electric bikes

Electric bikes, or e-bikes (as the pros say), have become increasingly popular in recent years. They offer electric assistance that makes it easier to climb and ride. They allow you to travel longer distances and make cycling accessible to a wider audience, which was not used to the efforts of the classic bike. Today, e-bikes come in a variety of forms, from electric mountain bikes to electric city bikes, including electric gravel bikes...

The latest innovations on these bikes include more powerful batteries, more discreet motorization systems and more elegant designs.
and lighter?


Gravel Bikes

Gravel bikes have become very popular in recent years for their versatility and ability to handle different types of terrain. These hybrid bikes are designed to ride on paved roads, dirt roads and trails, making them an ideal choice for true outdoor adventure enthusiasts.

In terms of trends, these bikes have improved significantly over the years. Today, we find models with lighter carbon frames, wider tires for a better grip, drop-bar type handlebars for a more aerodynamic riding position... They are constantly being renewed.

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technology invites itself !

Connected bikes

From sensors to GPS to performance calculators, technology is now part of your daily cycling life. You can now track your performance, browse the web and share data... Everything to improve your cycling experience!

The latest trends in connected bikes include advanced features such as built-in handlebar displays that show real-time information on speed, distance traveled, heart rate and more. Smartphone apps associated with connected bikes also offer GPS navigation, route tracking, route sharing with other cyclists, and health and fitness tracking.

top security

Advanced security systems

Speaking of which, connected bikes are increasingly incorporating safety-related features.

For example, some models are equipped with crash sensors that detect dangerous situations and send alerts directly to the rider. Some connected bikes even come with smart lighting systems that automatically adjust to outdoor light conditions to ensure you have the best visibility possible. Now, it's also possible to find models with built-in anti-theft systems that send alerts to the owner in case of theft!

How amazing is technology!

The bicycle is constantly evolving! This simple, fast and above all responsible means of transport is now a technological jewel, which seduces more and more city dwellers.

These new innovations will make your life much easier in the future, directly improving your cycling experience and your safety!

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