Cycling in the rain

As every year with the return of bad weather, the question of using your bike in the rain arises. Is it safe enough? Will I slip? Will I end up getting soaked on my way to work... Many issues, but Shapeheart is here to advise you. No more worries, only solutions. We present youthe essentials to ride a bike in the rain! 


The waterproof coat

More than essential, it will allow you to arrive with dry clothes at your destination! The waterproof coat has become a big trend today, combining its practicality with its original style.

Indeed, today there is a multitude of coat as waterproof as fashion. Find the coat that will fit perfectly into your daily wardrobe, while protecting you from the capricious weather


The smartphone mount weatherproof

When cycling, having a holder to hold your smartphone is extremely practical. Having your smartphone within reach and being able to use your GPS application is essential when cycling, and in many cases the rain is not necessarily the same Reviews.

Indeed, the rain will settle directly on the screen of your smartphone and will disturb the use of the touchscreen. So make sure you choose a weatherproof smartphone mount

Need a smartphone mount that resists all weather and especially all roads?

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Used to wet weather? If so, you must know about the effects ofrain/mud protection when you ride your bike. To avoid getting wet on unprotected parts of a waterproof suit, a mudguard is the perfect solution.

Practical, easy to install and discreet, this accessory is clearly a must-have.

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Backpack cover

Protecting your belongings, not just your clothes, is essential to start a good rainy day. More and more workers are opting for a backpack. Practical and not very cumbersome, it is nevertheless necessary to think of protecting it to avoid finding your things completely soaked.

The backpack cover is your best friend. Place it directly on your bag and avoid any water intrusion! 

number 5

Handlebar sleeves

Tired of having frozen hands during your trips? Adopt the handlebar muffs now! Installed directly on your handlebars, simply slip your hands inside and enjoy a ride without discomfort or finger pain (a true " life safer ") 

Now that you're equipped, there's no excuse for neglecting bike rides in the rain! And want to know more about thehe benefits of cycling to work ? We tell you everything! 

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