Why choose a scooter?

Today, there are many means of transportation to get around the city. Whether it is public or private, having a means of transportation has become essential to be active today! Often perceived as a young city dwellers vehicule, scooters are conquering more and more hearts, thanks to all the advantages they offer. 

But what are these benefits? And how is scooter probably one of the best travel options when you're a city dweller? We tell you everything! 


The economic option! 

The scooter is a less expensive option than the car or most other two-wheelers in terms of purchase, maintenance and fuel. For a new 50 cc scooter, the price is reasonable, ranging from 1400 to 3000 €. The fuel consumption of the scooter is also low, making it an economical option. In short, the scooter is an economical alternative to other means of transportation.


Smaller and more practical! 

Thanks to its relatively low size and weight , it is easy to slip between cars: the best way to avoid downtown's traffic jams ! No more excuses and delays, no more hassles with the car and its endless traffic jams, the scooter is a considerable time saver.


A quick and easy licence! 

Riding a scooter is extremely easy! Accessible from the age of 14 in a large number of countries, the scooter is an option accessible to all. Do you have a driving license (car, motorcycle ...)? No training is necessary to drive a scooter. In case you don't have one, the AM training is there for that. This short training will teach you everything about this two-wheeler! 

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More than enough for city dwellers! 

If you live in a city, you should know that the speed limit is up to 50km/h. That's good, so is the 50 scooter! The scooter will allow you to perfectly carry out all your trips in the city, as quickly as possible and will also allow you to avoid all the worries related to parking! The scooter is easy to park and requires little space. 

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