The running/bike alliance

Running and cycling: the perfect combination for your next workout? This combination of activities creates a more complete workout, combining the benefits of running and cycling for a more advanced sporting experience. Let's find out how to adopt it and, above all, how to integrate it into your own sports routine.


    Understanding its benefits

    By combining cycling and running, you benefit from the specific advantages of each. Running involves only the lower muscles (calf, shin, etc.). Cycling, on the other hand, works these same muscles in a different way (strengthening muscle mass), while also engaging the muscles of the upper body, like your abdominals for example. By alternating between the two, you can avoid the monotony of training while strengthening your whole body, and especially your cardio.


    The advantages of this method

    Vary your workouts : the reason behind this trend is the variety it brings to your workouts. Alternating between these two activities means you don't have to work your muscles over and over again, and helps prevent injuries linked to the notorious "overtraining syndrome".

    Strengthening endurance : running and cycling are excellent ways of improving and strengthening your endurance. Running develops cardiovascular capacity and leg strength, while cycling strengthens leg, back and core muscles while being gentler on the joints. The perfect combo to guarantee a fit, muscular body.

    Need to equip yourself before taking the plunge? We've got just what you need:


    How to incorporate it into your training

    Mixed work outs: create mixed workouts by integrating running and cycling intervals. For example, do a 20-minute run followed by a 30-minute bike ride, then repeat. This will enable you to work on your speed and endurance, but also to maintain regularity in your effort.


    Clever planning: some weeks, you might plan a weekend cycling session and two mid-week running sessions. Make sure you leave enough recovery time between each session to avoid excessive fatigue.

    Listen to your body: as with any training program, it's essential to work within your physical capacity. If you feel fatigue or excessive pain, allow yourself sufficient recovery time and reduce the intensity of the effort. Overtraining can lead to injury, especially when you're doing several different activities.

    By combining cycling and running in your sports routine, you can maximize the benefits of both activities while avoiding the pitfalls of excessive repetition. With a balanced, well-planned approach, you can enjoy improved fitness, greater endurance and, above all, a real sense of well-being.

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