300mL soft-flask

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The Shapeheart soft-flask (model 2020) is specially designed to fit into the centre pocket of your Shapeheart belt. With a capacity of 300mL (larger than the previous version), it allows you to carry enough water with you without weighing you down or getting in the way.


- Fits in the center pocket of your Shapeheart magnetic belt

- Container of 300ml approximately

- PVC and PBA free

- Possibility to store 2 water bottles in the belt

- The softflask is placed inside the central pocket: it does not fall out and can be accessed easily

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Running belt + softflask soft 44,90€ 37,45€

Compatible with your belt

Compatible with your belt

Where to store it?

Compatible with our magnetic belt, place the soft-flask soft Shapeheart in the center pocket under your smartphone.

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Customer Reviews

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marie g.
top of the line

I ordered 1 sports belt for smartphone and a sports belt also for smartphone with the softflask. We are very happy with the products, my husband and I. They are very useful and reliable. They are very useful, reliable and above all very practical: key pocket, softflask etc. I think we would recommend them for motorcycles. We should invent an identical system for cars when we cannot put them on the air vents.


Ease of use and installation with perfect robustness of shapeheart products make shapeheart a brand of quality and confidence. The sales department is at the top from the order to the shipping

Hervé K.
Pretty good except for the softflask

The belt has a good hold, the magnet is actually quite powerful (size XL for me). On the other hand the softflask is complicated to take and to replace during a race and I already lost the 300ml one I bought at the same time, it slipped without me realizing it at the second run...

softflask running

softflask very good quality, very practical to carry, nothing to say!