All about magnets

Many questions are asked every day about the reliability of our magnets. Indeed, with a totally new concept, it is normal to find some septics...

But don't panic! We are here to reassure you and especially to make you understand the reliability of Shapeheart magnets! We'll explain it all to you!

Does it hold...

The answer is YES!

This patented magnetic system withstands up to 50 times the weight of your smartphone. The mount has an excellent hold, whatever the road conditions (pavement, pothole,...)

Completely harmlessfor your smartphone, these magnets are located between two iron plates that cut the magnetic field at the level of the smartphone

A truly all-terrain magnet!

Even on a bike, mountain bike or BMX?

This is the first question we are usually asked. You can imagine that with the price of smartphones, we made sure that our magnets are strong and resistant!

Tested on the track (at 226km/h), in wind tunnels (learn more about wind resistance here), mountain bikes, BMX, on pavements, highways and rough roads... no risk. Our magnetic system supports up to 8kg, which is almost 50 times the weight of smartphone.

Rather than a long speech, just watch the video to see for yourself:

Our BIKE collection

What about motorcycles and scooters?

For motorcycles and scooters, it is the speed that is at stake. And obviously this is not a problem.

To date, the speed record with a Shapeheart magnetic mount is 270km/h on a German highway. Theoretically, with our largest sleeve, it would take a speed of 285km/h to rip the smartphone from the 8kg (80N) of force that holds it to the handlebars.If you are in need of physics calculations, all the details are here here.

Our MOTO collection

For running?

Whether it is on our website, by email, in a salon, the question comes up all the time:

"Won't it fall off?", "But does it really hold?"etc...

So to prove it to you, we asked a Parkour pro to put our magnetic system to the test.

Our RUNNING collection