Spare waterproof pouch

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The sleeve waterproof Shapeheart is fully waterproof and is compatible with the entire range of Shapeheart (armband, belt, motorcycle mount, bike ...). It is compatible with smartphones up to 16.8 cm high.

Does it hold?

Our sleeve waterproof is compatible with our entire range of magnetic systems (2 wheels and running). But, does it hold, even in water?

  • Recommended for static use in water or in environments likely to become wet (heavy rain, paddling, canoeing, etc.).
  • Can unhook in the event of a fall into the water or a powerful wave: a safety leash (to be placed in the eyelet) is recommended (surfing, windsurfing, psicobloc...).
  • Magnetic system supports up to 50 times the weight of your smartphone
  • Harmless to the phone: the magnets are located between two iron plates that cut off the magnetic field at the phone.
  • Patent pending
  • Compatible with our entire 2-wheel and running range (after 2021)
  • 1 pocket size for phones up to 16.8 cm high and 8.8 cm wide
  • Perfectly touchscreen
  • Fully waterproof (IP68) to 2m
  • Does not contain magnetic backing, only pocket
  • Camera window on back of pocket
  • Eyelet to attach a safety leash
  • No opening for the USB charging port

Patented magnetic system

Harmless to your smartphone

Access your smartphone with a single touch

(GPS, music, app)

sleeve XL

For smartphones of all brands, up to 16.8 cm high


Fully waterproof (IP68) to 2m

Customer Reviews

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Serge Prod’homme
iPhone 12 Mini + vélo électrique en ville

Ce petit objet, avec le revêtement anti dérapant, se fixe parfaitement sur mon guidon. Mon téléphone est juste devant moi, impeccable pour voir et entendre le GPS. J’ai choisi ce modèle compact aussi pour qu’il tienne sur mon vélo pliant qui est un Brompton, où peu de choses tiennent dessus, afin de garantir le pliage en trois. J’ai tout simplement fixé l’aimant sur mon guidon et ai aimanté la pochette que j’avais déjà achetée avec le brassard de running, dans la boutique I-run. Je suis si confiant et emballé par les produits Shapeheart que je vais en offrir en cadeau. Chut ! C’est une surprise !

Guy Brun
oukitel RT3 tablet on Yamaha Ténéré 660 with two brackets and two metal plates

Installation of two articulated brackets on handlebars and two plates glued to the shelf. Good hold, no vibrations. Two brackets were required, as the shelf is quite heavy.


Piastra applicata direttamente alla cover dell'iphone 13 pro (impermeabile).