4 gift ideas for a Sporty Christmas

The best gift ideas for a Sporty Christmas

The shops are open, Christmas is coming, and even if we don't know exactly how we will organize ourselves to see the whole family, what is sure is that we want to please them and we are still looking for gift ideas. Sports friends, we help you with some nice ideas.

We have selected a few gift ideas from brands that we know well and that we recommend with our eyes closed.

A selection for sports enthusiasts, running, fitness, yoga, cycling...

1 A fitness/yoga set - Les poulettes Fitness

Created by two sporty and epicurean friends, Les Poulettes Fitness is the French sportswear brand that is both relaxed and eco-friendly. Flattering cuts, soft and comfortable materials, colorful patterns and fun messages: a feminine and sparkling cocktail to do sports in a good mood!

Special mention for their ultra-comfortable "Abdos & Mojitos" set, entirely made in France.

Everything can be found on their website at https://lespoulettesfitness.fr

2 Because we don't know what we're doing right now - LCF

And yes, it's something we don't think much about. But a good pair of socks when you run, cycle or go for a ride in the mountains is essential.
That's why we have selected the best brand made in France with LCF - La chaussette de France.

In addition to making good products, they are very cool. And even if we don't care, you might say, well, for us it's just as important.


3 Because you can finally get out and get in shape - TRAINME

It's not complicated to get back to good habits, you need to be well surrounded. And for that, Trainme is the solution. Here is a little coaching gift card to offer. From running, to yoga, or any other physical challenge, there is something for all levels.

And more with the code SHAPEHEART15 you get a 15€ discount.


4 A running outfit -
The Fair sport

And yes, a little nugget that is still unknown but that comes with products that could not be more ecologically responsible. The opportunity to offer yourself or to offer a running outfit thought and designed for the good of all, including the planet. There is everything you need, for men and women.


We have a few more ideas so feel free to follow us on Instagram if you want more.

And then the Shapeheart Christmas offers are always online for all the months of December. So treat yourself.

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