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E-scooter smartphone mount

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🇫🇷 The screw-on version of our best seller
🧲 Discreet, compatible with all bikes and phones
🚲 10-year warranty: speed, cobblestones, mountain bikes, potholes, sidewalks
🌍 Validated by thousands of cyclists worldwide

Does it hold?

This is the first question we are usually asked: but does it really hold?

You can imagine that with actual smartphones' prices, we made sure that the magnets are strong!

The magnetic system supports up to 50 times the weight of your smartphone:

- Excellent handling, whatever the condition of the road (cobblestones, potholes,...)

- Patent filed

-Harmlessfor smartphone: the magnets are located between two iron plates which cut the magnetic field at the level of the smartphone

- Stable: the smartphone does not move on the handlebars


- Compatible with almost all handlebars and stems (round / square) up to 50mm diameter

- 3 sizes of sleeves compatible with all brands of smartphones without removing its protective shell (see size guide)

- sleeve perfectly touchscreen

- Protects from rain

- 360° rotatable (landscape / portrait, ...) without tools

- Compatible with Face ID(Android)

- Central opening for USB port / headphones

Easy to use

Our magnetic mount holds your smartphone perfectly regardless of the shocks, sidewalks, sidewalks and whatever the weight or size of your smartphone.

The mount has been designed to attach your smartphone to all types of scooters in an instant thanks to its simple mounting.

Also compatible with all the smartphones on the market, it allows you to track your GPS, use your applications or answer in a single gesture.

360° positioning

Thanks to our smartphone mount around the handle, entertain yourself or offer the visability of smartphone to your children to amuse them.

Discreet the support of smartphone was designed taking into account the stability and safety of your smartphone without damaging your stroller.


A magnet that holds strong


We had fun asking a mountain biker (who did the French downhill championships) to try to make the smartphone fall.

He failed :)


What's in the box


What's in the box


- A magnetic mount

- A weatherproof sleeve with central opening for wired headphones and charger

- A set of rubber bands (for handlebars of 30 to 50 mm diameter)

- A silicone strap (for handlebars up to 30 mm in diameter)

- A Shapeheart carrying bag

Customer Reviews

Based on 1177 reviews
Christophe Lecourt
iPhone 14 bicycle

Pocket size xl. Used on size 32.4 handlebars. Gravel outings 80% roads and 20% trails. Corresponds exactly to the description, the pro attachment is very good. Perfect phone retention. Used in pouring rain for 30 minutes and the phone was neither wet nor damp, even without the mudguard. The touchscreen was still usable, and the magnet held very well. I'm very happy with my purchase, even though I had my doubts. Well done

Vivien Berbatov

The clear plastic of the pouch is dirty, as if it had already been used. The 2 elastic bands supplied are too small to fit on the stem. Obliged to install base on bike handlebars.
Good quality magnet

Running armband

I tried several other models before switching to shapeheart. Great concept. Excellent product.

Universal sleeve

Compatible with your smartphone

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Choose the sleeve best suited to your phone from our 3 sizes for an optimal fit.
Measure the height of your phone with the shell or search from our list below (advice given with the shell).

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