Attach and remove your phone in seconds with the magnetic system

A simple and secure mount

For use in all circumstances

Easy to use, attach and detach your smartphone in a single movement thanks to its powerful magnetic system.

A secure mount

Our magnetic support holds your smartphone perfectly, no matter what the shocks, pavements, sidewalks, and no matter the weight or size of your smartphone

To prove its resistance, we had fun testing its resistance in mountain bike, BMX and even in motorcycle, on circuit, up to 240km/h.

Phone and bike compatible

Our magnetic mount was designed to attach your smartphone to any type of bike in an instant thanks to its simple assembly.

Also compatible with all phones on the market, it allows you to track your GPS, use your applications or pick up your smartphone in a single gesture.

360° positioning

Thanks to our smartphone support removable 360° around the handlebars, position your smartphone the way you want (Portrait or landscape)

Discreet the smartphone support has been designed taking into account the stability and safety of your smartphone without damaging your scooter.

Quick and easy to assemble

With a simple silicon clip, install without tools in a few seconds on the vast majority of bicycle handlebars (20 to 50mm in diameter).

Tap and declap your smartphone in a single gesture while keeping the functionality of your smartphone thanks to our magnetic touch and rainproof sleeve .

Fast shipping

Between 48 and 72 hours

Customer Support

24 hours a day - 7 days a week

Reliable mount

smartphone in safety


100% secure