The history of the sleeve magnetic detachable

How did Shapeheart's journey start?

Shapeheart is the story of two entrepreneurs who couldn't stand to play sports with poorly designed and uncomfortable armbands. Thanks to a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarterthey were able to finance their armband project with a detachable magnetic sleeve and integrated heart rate sensor and test their idea directly with consumers.


What started everything

Shapeheart was launched thanks to the 2016 FNAC Startup Award from which the armband cardio was awarded. But the real feature that consumers liked was the detachable magneticsleeve .


Simpler and more practical than many systems on the market, we have decided to adapt this unique concept to a whole range of accessories from smartphone for sports and mobility, and have developed the following products


2017 - armband
2018 - Sport belt
2019 - Bike rack

2020 - Motorcycle and mirror support (classic)
2021 - Sport bike support, mirror (screwed), scooter dashboard


Shapeheart in a nutshell is....

Shapeheart is simple products at an unbeatable price-quality ratio for sports and mobility. It is the brand that invented and currently markets the only smartphone accessories with detachable magneticsleeve , a concept patented in 2017.


Antoine SCHWOOB - CEO and Co-founder

Michael WEISZ - COO and Co-founder

Discover the articles and publications that talk about us

"The 100 young leaders who make the sport business in France"

"The smartphone mount seems to literally suck the sleeve into the system and never let it go. IT'S JUST ASTONISHING. It's instantaneous, you can use one hand, and most importantly... IT HOLDS. AND STRONG! »

"A French start-up is now innovating with a Armbandconnected concept integrating a heart sensor: Shapeheart."

"Here's a companion that should quickly become part of any trendy runner's toolbox. "

"So it's a connected armband to monitor your efforts when you run. So it's a 3 to 1 product."

"If you run with your smartphone in an armband, you have already experienced this discomfort to access it when it rings or simply to answer a call. Shapeheart, a French startup, has found the solution. »

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"Then came the idea of the magnet, which was a no-brainer for anyone who was exercising with their smartphone whether it was for GPS, music, for safety or to track their activity."

"No more fear of it falling out, being misplaced, having to go without music or getting lost because you can't look at your GPS. All in a sober and elegant design. Reassuring and useful, Shapeheart brings a little extra to our running trips."

"They started from a problem to offer a solution to all running enthusiasts, whether neophytes or enlightened amateurs. »

"This model incorporates a fully reliable and stable magnetic system. In addition, it is highly compatible as it can be easily mounted to different types of vehicles."

"Whether they work in federations, clubs, small companies or start-ups, our winners are the flagship of France that wins and transposes the excellence"

"To measure their heart rate, runners often use a connected bracelet. Shapeheart offers them a armband."

"This IOT is a smartwatches killer, the team behind it is made up of young Frenchies who are passionate about running, so talk about it around you! »

"We can therefore thank this start-up for offering a totally innovative and high-performance product that creates a real alternative on the running accessories market."

"Rather than a bracelet or watch, its founders created a connected sports armband."

"In my opinion, this is an Reviews an excellent fastening system with an unbeatable price/performance ratio. The concept is clever and well thought out "

"The coolest thing is the magnetic detachable sleeve. You place your smartphone in a fabric sleeve and then snap it to the armband."

"Anti-pothole: I had this big impact. The support did not move and neither did sleeve . Solid. So this product does its job perfectly and you can leave with peace of mind "

"We told you about it at CES 2017. Shapeheart, the armband that turns your smartphone into a cardiologist has now arrived on Kickstarter."

"But this running belt, and more precisely the one of this brand, perfectly responds to all the small technical flaws that can include a running suit. Also, this belt has some small pockets very useful for carrying his keys in particular "

"The patented magnet system ensures that your smartphone is held securely. Tested and approved by athletes. (Running, Trail, Mountain biking, horse riding...)."

"As I mentioned, I was very apprehensive about the product, especially about its resistance. I must admit that the product has met my expectations. The smartphone stays well attached thanks to the power of the magnet!"

"Withings and Shapeheart, the French start-up specializing in magnetic accessories for smartphones, are joining forces to create a partnership around sports and wellness. "

"Yes, it does! I was really amazed at the strength of the magnetic holder. As soon as I unpacked the product, I could see that the magnet was already very strong.

" Shapeheart's armband magnetized is pretty nice to wear. And advantage it fits all arms. Even maggot arms like mine. When you're new to running, I'm not going to hide it from you, you're a little apprehensive about wearing your beloved smartphone "

"Based on this thought, young Frenchmen launched last June on Kickstarter the "Shape Heart", a comfortable, practical AND above all very functional running armband !"

"This is the bonus of the product, designed in France with an innovative approach (magnetic mount), the mount does a very good job. So corcorico we love 😍"

"Dear creator of the Shapeheart brand, I kneel down and bow before so much superiority, you've made me love an armbandrunner! »

"After having tested the Cyclik or the well known QuadLock, now it's time for a new smartphone holder to be placed directly on the handlebars! Yes, but here, it holds... only thanks to a magnet! We test it in this video! "

"The beauty of Kickstarter crowdfunding campaigns is that they allow you to come up with products that fill a need. Shapeheart is one of those. "

"This armband, offered by a young French Start Up, benefits from an innovative design thanks to its detachable magnetic sleeve"

"Despite the almost 200 grams of our smartphone, nothing moves including in the bumps of the road, a hundred meters on cobblestones in average condition ... It's quite impressive "

"Super convenient and good protection for the smarpthone! I was able to check my emails, notifications, change my running playlist, take the traditional selfie without having to stop"

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