Our Commitments

As young entrepreneurs (who have just passed their thirties), we are aware of the footprint that a company leaves on society. Yet, it's something we didn't talk about much. We didn't see it as a competitive advantage and we were afraid of greenwashing. But we have to admit that things are changing, and we are too.

"With great power comes great responsibility".

"At our core, we're not a mission-driven company. Our original intent was to create a simple, accessible product for everyone, but the social and environmental side is something we've been working to incorporate into our project for some time."

Antoine and Michael

"The smartphone, the best way not to multiply the electronic objects"

Smartphones can do everything...

And it's with this in mind that we have turned our product development around it. This allows us to avoid the multiplication of electronic objects that integrate batteries that are not very recyclable and products that duplicate each other.

Yes, in some cases it may be more practical to have a GPS than to use a smartphone but in the vast majority of cases this is not the case. So let's take it upon ourselves not to produce more useless and quickly obsolete objects.

For our products, we have chosen from the beginning to use a magneticsleeve and not a shell in order to limit the number of references produced.

By opting for this solution, we avoid the creation of dozens and dozens of hulls that would be adapted only to a smartphone whose lifespan is limited. With sleeve there is no need to buy anything else when you change smartphone.

In addition, we thought of the local stores that sell our products to avoid tripling the volume of their stocks. Because yes, working with local stores is in our DNA. We don't really dream of a 100% digital life.

The icing on the cake is that our sleeve allows us to absorb the vibrations that can damage your smartphones. By the way, we talk more about it just

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Our Spare Parts

So yes, our products are made to last, but a part of the product can always get damaged or you can lose it... In short, to avoid having to buy everything again each time or to deal with after-sales service as accurately as possible, each part of each product is available separately.

This limits the number of products thrown away and the number of parts produced.

You can find all our accessories individually below

Our accessories

Smaller, plastic-free, 100% eco-friendly packaging

It was not the case at the beginning with our first packagings, but as time went by we pushed the logic to the end, by removing 100% of the plastic in our boxes, by creating a unique packaging format for all our products and by reducing its size to the maximum to reduce the needs and costs in transport.

So yes it doesn't look like a luxury brand packaging, whose name we won't mention, but it is more respectful for the environment.

Why the obsession with value for money?

We are always in the continuous improvement of our products and that is translated by a regular innovation and a research of materials always more powerful. In particular, we have chosen to use magnets that are eternal, so you won't have to change your product every 2 or 3 years, and this greatly limits waste.

As for the price, our will has always been the same: to give access to our products to as many people as possible. That's why they are not very expensive and remain, according to you, the best quality-price ratio on the market. Because yes, being responsible is one thing, but if you offer products at prices that few people can afford, well, it remains that little useful.