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Just changed your smartphone? Buy a new sleeve. Compatible with the Running 2021 range and all 2-wheel products (motorcycle, bike, scooter...).

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Universal sleeve

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Josã© De Barros
One+ 8T / Kawaski Z1000 SX

I had originally purchased the BOOST mount with the classic pouch. The latter turned out not to be watertight, as water rising from the fairing head wetted the back of the pouch, and moisture remained trapped. As this same pouch, chosen for my phone, doesn't allow it to be inserted with its protective shell, even though it's not thick, there was a double risk: humidity and dropping the phone in/out.
This new pouch remedies all these shortcomings, so it's very good, but it's a pity that the first one has become useless.

Baptiste Fotia
XL2 sleeve for Fairphone4

The phone fits nicely in the pocket, but it's still not big enough. However, it's still easy to use.
The only downside is that I can't completely close the pocket with the phone. No doubt this is due to the thickness of the phone (?)

In any case, I'm still satisfied with the product, even if I have a small problem with the size.


Xiaomi mi10 (motorcycle)