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Just changed your cell phone? Buy a new sleeve. Compatible with the Running 2021 range and with all 2 wheels products (motorcycle, bike, scooter...)

Universal sleeve

Compatible with your smartphone

Universal sleeve

Compatible with your smartphone

M / XL / 2XL

Choose the most suitable sleeve for your smartphone.

3 sizes for an optimal fit.

Measure your smartphone with the shell or search our list (advice given with the shell).

Size table

Customer Reviews

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Baptiste Fotia
sleeve XL2 for Fairphone4

The smartphone fits well in the sleeve but it is still not big enough. However, it is still usable without any problem.
The only drawback is that I can't close the sleeve completely with the smartphone. Probably it's a problem of thickness of the smartphone (?)

In any case I am still satisfied with the product even if I have a small problem with the size.

Claire Tremerel
Almost perfect

It's really great for running, the only problem is that the opening of the jack plug for the headphones is centered, but on my smartphone it's off-center ....
I'll have to put a scissor cut to enlarge the opening and manage to put the jack plug without taking a piece of fabric with it ;)
Considering the almost perfect design, I don't understand that you didn't think about that, it surprises me ! Or maybe it's me who missed an element ;)

Dimitri Bourdin
Exchange of sleeve

Very fast and easy to use. Top notch after sales service

Thomas Mejdi

sleeve very useful
Especially for the GPS
Very powerful magnet, driving on Paris and its many three, it has never moved
Small downside in case of sun, well inclined the sleeve otherwise a reflection