Pair a heart sensor with Runkeeper (iOs) in Bluetooth

IOS version

Smartphone : Iphone

Operating system: iOs 11

Application: Runkeeper

Problem: Pair your heart rate sensor with Bluetooth Low Energy (or Bluetooth Smart) with your Runkeeper app

Start by opening the settings of your iPhone and select the bluetooth.

First of all, activate your Bluetooth to allow the sensor to be detected by your Iphone.

Once your Bluetooth is activated, your Shapeheart sensor appears in the detected devices. Select it to pair it with your iPhone.

Then open your Runkeeper application from your main menu and follow the instructions below.

At the bottom left, select the "me" icon.

Then at the top right, the application settings.

In these parameters, go to the "Apps, services and devices" module.

Then in "Manage devices" and select the "Cardiac Monitor".

While Runkeeper searches for the monitor, reactivate your Bluetooth. The Shapeheart sensor flashes blue on one side and flashes green on the other side when paired with the application.

To display your heart rate on Runkeeper, start a run and press and hold one of the squares displaying data, change to heart rate.

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