Yamaha Tracer 9

Do you own a Yamaha Tracer 9 and are you looking for the perfect mount for your smartphone ? Something discreet, attractive and affordable? What's more, you want to find a mount for smartphone that is both practical and safe.

Look no further, Shapeheart can help you! We've selected the best smartphone mounts for your Yamaha Tracer 9.

    The must-have magnetic mount of our motorcycle collection. Very popular because of its great versatility, especially thanks to its Booster capable of rotating 360 degrees. This product will allow you to easily adjust the position of your smartphone at any time and fix it in the most convenient place on the handlebars of your Yamaha.

    Installation is quick and easy, and the versatility and flexibility of the smartphone Moto Pro Boost mount makes it an ideal choice to fit your Yamaha Tracer 9.

    mount of smartphone PRO BOOST with sleeve magnetic detachable
    Smartphone mount PRO BOOST Shapeheart screwed on the handlebar of a Yamaha MT07
    PRO BOOST motorcycle smartphone mount Shapeheart with detachable magnetic sleeve

    The Yamaha Tracer 9 is known for its versatility and is considered one of the best motorcycles on the market for one simple reason: it excels in all areas! The engine has been carefully designed to provide the perfect balance of feel and comfort.

    In summary, the Tracer 9 is the perfect bike for people looking for a versatile two-wheeler, able to offer a comfortable ride with a passenger for roadtrips, but also suitable for daily bike-work-sleep use, and even for sport activities.

    It combines power, sportiness, dynamism, practicality and comfort, thus meeting the tastes of all motorcyclists.

    Our other supports compatible with the Yamaha Tracer 9!

    The classic motorcycle mount

    The ultimate all-purpose mount for smartphone : easy to install, easy to use. Thanks to its silicone clips, install the magnetic mount in less than 30 seconds on the handlebars of your Yamaha tracer 9.

    For only 29.95€, it's simply the best value on the market

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    The PRO motorcycle mount

    The Shapeheart screw mount allows you to attach your smartphone to your handlebar in seconds and let your GPS guide you.

    Thanks to its magnetic and tactile sleeve , your smartphone is protected from vibrations and rain! No more hassle, directly attached to your Yamaha Tracer 9, you are only one click away from attaching your smartphone.

    Discover the mount !

    Handlebar Elastic mounting

    Handlebar Screw mounting

    Handlebar Boost mount


    Type of fastener

    Fixation rubber band

    Screwed fastening

    Screwed fastening

    Fixation rubber band

    Main hook

    Strap for handlebars from 20 to 30 mm diameter

    Set of 3 adapters for handlebars from 22 to 32 mm diameter

    Set of 3 adapters for handlebars from 22 to 32 mm diameter

    Strap for handlebars from 20 to 30 mm diameter

    Secondary Hook

    rubber bands for handlebar's risers (up to 50 mm diameter)



    rubber bands for handlebar's risers (up to 50 mm diameter)


    Classic sleeve

    Sleeve with camera window

    Classic sleeve

    Metal plate

    Want to know more about our magnetic smartphone mount and discover all our products to customize your 2 wheels?

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