Yamaha Tracer 7

Happy owner of a Yamaha Tracer 7? And you are looking for the perfect mount smartphone to accompany all your trips? A mount that's as stylish as it is practical, with great value for money... The solution is right here!

No need to look hard, at Shapeheart we know exactly what you need! Here is our selection of the best mounts from smartphone for a Yamaha Tracer 7 motorcycle!

    Our recommendation:

    One of the best-sellers of our motorcycle/scooter range, extremely appreciated for its stability and longevity, the mount MIRROR SCREW is the perfect road companion for all the journeys of a motorcyclist. Directly aimed at your rear view mirror, fix your smartphone in 1 clap on its magnetic dock and you are ready to ride!

    Simple, effective and faithful; your Yamaha Tracer 7 will love this mount ! 

    A vehicle with character!

    The Yamaha Tracer 7 is a sporty motorcycle model designed for long distance travel and road adventures. Featuring a 689cc inline twin engine, the Tracer 7 offers optimum power.

    With its aggressive styling and impressive performance, the Yamaha Tracer 7 is a versatile motorcycle that is ideal for adventurers looking for a thrill on the road.

    Our other mounts compatible with your Tracer 7

    The mount Mirror

    Installation in a few seconds on the vast majority of mirrors thanks to its strap. Fixed directly on your mirror, your smartphone will accompany you everywhere! A sleeveand a smartphone and a magnetic dock... The perfect trio.

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    The mount Mirro Pro

    As practical as its classic version, the Mirror Pro is the perfect definition of stability. Aimed at your rearview mirror thanks to its magnetic PRO dock, ride safely! A mount ultra resistant, which will accompany you for a very long time.

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    Rearview mirror Screw mounting

    Maxi scooter mount

    Want to know more about our magnetic smartphone mount and discover all our products to customize your 2 wheels?

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