Suzuki SV650

Dear Suzuki SV650 owner, are you looking for the perfect smartphone mount to dress up your beloved SV650 ? We have the solution!

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    The smartphone mount Moto Pro Boost is the flagship product of our Motorcycle collection, very popular for its amazing versatility.

    Install easily the mount attached around your handlebars: discreet, it will be totally integrated to your motorcycle. Thanks to the Booster 360°, adjust your smartphone according to your preferences, at your convenience.

    mount of smartphone PRO BOOST with sleeve magnetic detachable
    Smartphone mount PRO BOOST Shapeheart screwed on the handlebar of a Yamaha MT07
    PRO BOOST motorcycle smartphone mount Shapeheart with detachable magnetic sleeve

    The Suzuki SV650 is a roadster-style motorcycle that was first introduced in 1999. Since its release, it has become very popular with motorcyclists because of its agility, handling and versatility.

    With its comfortable riding position and technical features, the SV650 is suitable for both beginners and experienced riders. It is also appreciated for its clean design and affordable price.

    Another mount compatible with your SV650!

    mount from smartphone for motorcycle PRO Shapeheart

    Moto PRO mount

    Directly attached around your handlebars, this mount will allow you to offer a perfect stability of your smartphone in any situation. Everything becomes easier for your Suzuki SV650 with this mount !

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    Handlebar Elastic mounting

    Handlebar Screw mounting


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