Yamaha MT-09

If you have a Yamaha MT-09 and you are looking for the grail of customization, that is to say, an aesthetically pleasing and reliable smartphone mount. More specifically a support for smartphonepractical and safe?

AtShapeheart, we know exactly what you need! Here is our selection of the best mounts for smartphone for a Yamaha MT-09. Plus our selection is the best value on the market.

    Our recommendation:

      For bikers, this is the essential mount from our popular Moto line for its versatility. This product features a Booster that can rotate 360°, allowing you to place your smartphone in the position that best suits you on the handlebars of your Yamaha.

      In addition, this mount is easy to install, versatile and discreet, and will fit your Yamaha MT-09 perfectly. So, if you're looking for a smartphone mount for your motorcycle, the smartphone Moto Pro Boost mount is an ideal choice.

      Smartphone mount PRO BOOST Shapeheart screwed on the handlebar of a Yamaha MT07
      PRO BOOST motorcycle smartphone mount Shapeheart with detachable magnetic sleeve

      In recent years, the Yamaha MT-09 has become a must-have. It is highly appreciated for its lightness and power, so you made the right choice by opting for this model!

      The Yamaha MT-09 offers great freedom and a considerable amount of excitement by exploiting one of the best engines available on the market.

      Our other mount compatible with your MT-09!

      Smartphone mount fixed on trigger guard of a Yamaha MT07

      The classic motorcycle mount

      Discreet and practical, the classic motorcycle mountallows you to install your smartphone in a few seconds on your handlebar! Supplied with a set of rubber bands and its silicone strap for handlebars from 20 to 50mm in diameter, this support offers a perfect support and installs on your handlebar in a few moments. Place your smartphone on the support in 1 clap !

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      mount from smartphone for motorcycle PRO Shapeheart

      The PRO motorcycle mount

      The PRO Shapeheart mount allows you to attach your smartphone to your handlebar in seconds and let your GPS guide you. Now screwed, this mount is compatible with handlebars from 22 to 32mm in diameter.
      Moreover, thanks to its magnetic and tactile sleeve , your smartphone is protected from vibrations and rain.

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      Handlebar Elastic mounting

      Handlebar Screw mounting


      Want to know more about our magnetic smartphone mount and discover all our products to customize your 2 wheels?

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