Honda CMX500 Rebel

Are you looking for a phone holder to accompany your motorcycle outings? You can find a multitude of options on the market, but what's the best choice for your Honda CMX 500 Rebel?

Shapeheart has the perfect phone mount for your Honda CMX 500 Rebel!

    Our recommendation:

    The PRO BOOST motorcycle mount will impress you with its versatility and simplicity, thanks to its 360° swivel extension arm. Not only does this mount give you control total over your phone's position, it also protects your phone from vibration and rain thanks to its pocket.

    Easy to install and simple to use, the Moto Pro Boost phone mount has everything you need for your Honda CMX 500 Rebel.

    mount of smartphone PRO BOOST with sleeve magnetic detachable
    Smartphone mount PRO BOOST Shapeheart screwed on the handlebar of a Yamaha MT07
    PRO BOOST motorcycle smartphone mount Shapeheart with detachable magnetic sleeve

    Based on the Honda CB 500 model, the new Honda CMX 500 Rebel is a bobber-style bike that has made a name for itself thanks to its 471 cm3 in-line twin. Its easy handling makes it perfect for both mountain and city riding.

    Another support compatible with your CMX 500 Rebel :

    Smartphone mount fixed on trigger guard of a Yamaha MT07

    The mount Moto Classique

    Combining simplicity and versatility, the mount Moto Classique can be installed on your handlebars in a few seconds!

    Discover the mount

    Handlebar Elastic mounting


    Handlebar Boost mount

    Want to know more about our magnetic smartphone mount and discover all our products to customize your 2 wheels?

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