Honda Africa Twin

Do you own a Honda Africa Twin and are you looking for a phone holder to accompany you on all your motorcycling outings? Shapeheart is the ideal solution! We've come up with an innovative and unique accessory to make accessing your phone as easy as possible.

    Our recommendation:

    The Moto Pro Boost mount is the most sophisticated product in our motorcycle line. Very versatile, this stand is the one our customers like the most.

    The 3 silicone adapters enable you to install and adjust the mount on all handlebars between 22 and 32 mm in diameter. Not only does this mount give you total controlover the position of your phone, but you can also choose the most appropriate position for you, on the handlebars of your bike. Honda. Place your phone in the magnetic sleeve and, in a single movement, magnetize it to your mount. 

    Easy to install, protects your phone from rain and vibrations (road and engine); the Moto Pro Boost is the perfect accessory to use on your Honda Africa Twin.

    Created in 1989, the Honda Africa Twin is still the stuff of dreams for everyday motorcyclists, with its resemblance to the Paris Dakar bikes. Its strong "adventurer" image makes you want to go on adventures on all kinds of roads. The bike has become so popular that Honda has decided to release an evolution of this motorcycle with the CRF1100L Africa Twin in 2022.

    A must-have model on the motorcycle market, Shapeheart offers you the best support for your Honda Africa Twin.

    Another support compatible with your Africa Twin

    The mount Moto Classique

    Combining simplicity and versatility, the mount Moto Classique can be installed on your handlebars in a few seconds!

    Discover the mount

    Handlebar Boost mount

    Handlebar Elastic mounting


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