Always with your smartphone

An extension of our hand for a few years, the smartphone has become an indispensable accessory in our daily lives. It is therefore natural that we have also seen it land in our sports activities.

Some people see this as negative, restrictive or even that it distorts the initial spirit of the running trip, i.e. that running is a breath of fresh air, a bubble that we create for ourselves to forget everything else. But isn't the opposite also true? Hasn't the smartphone become, on the contrary, an asset and an important help in our training and preparation?

  • 1. Safety and security

    As we say in our country " Prevention is better than cure ". When you go running, it is better to be prepared. Hurting your knee or spraining your ankle can happen very quickly. Fortunately, with a smartphone at hand, it's easy to call a relative or the emergency services, even if we don't want you to, of course.

    And besides, it's always nice to have a smartphone when you're completely lost in the middle of the forest in the dark, isn't it?

  • 2. Track your performance, your health statistics

    Having your smartphone during your running trip is not only useful to guarantee your safety. Whether you are a novice or an experienced marathon runner, you like to follow your performance! With your smartphone near you and dozens of specialized applications, consulting your performance or health statistics has become child's play. Now you can see progress charts and other statistics that you only half understand.

  • 3. Listen to your favorite music

    Seriously, what could be more enjoyable than listening to your favorite playlist on your weekend outing? Upbeat, punchy music that gives you a big dose of motivation, energy and pushes you to give it your best shot. In fact, music can be a good way to find motivation. It is known that several scientific studies have proven that music has a positive impact on sports performance. It decreases the feelings of fatigue that come with physical activity, it increases the tolerance to effort and it helps to concentrate. After that, choose your music carefully, not sure that "Ne me quitte pas" by Jacques Brel is the most suitable for the situation.

    And, a little tip from the Shapeheart team, there are even playlists to run exactly at your pace on streaming platforms like Spotify and Deezer.

  • 4. Immortalize moments

    We all knew it at least once, this very relou moment when we want to immortalize a beautiful landscape, an event a little funny which arrived to us to share it with the family or the buddies? But no luck, the smartphone is not on us! And it's typically during this kind of moment that we think that taking our smartphone while running is not so useless.

    By the way, what if you also shared with us your most beautiful pictures during your solo running or with friends with the @Shapeheart_ on Instagram ?

  • 5. Don't miss business or family calls

    Then finally the most important for the end, but, how to do if after a day of work, the responsibilities are still there? How do you answer your boss, your clients, your family if the calls are important and can't be postponed?


Step 1

Okay, but where to put it?

To best choose the sports accessory you need for your workout, you must first establish ALL of your needs. In particular, we advise you to know if you need a large space to put your keys, watch, headphones, credit card, smartphone laptop or not.

  • The armband

    Aesthetic, comfortable, affordable, weatherproof, sweatproof... our armband sports allows easy access to your smartphone (GPS, music, applications) thanks to its detachable magnetic sleeve .

    Sport Armband  
  • The belt

    Our sport belt has, in addition to its detachable magnetic sleeve , 3 additional compartments for keys, gels, maps and soft water bottles. It is the perfect ally for runners!

    Sports belt 
  • The bra

    So yes, it's not the most elegant solution, but there are sports bras on the market that are specially designed with a smartphone integration smartphone. Located in the front, you can store your smartphone, keys, money and other valuables.

    The only drawback is that you have to stop each time to check your smartphone.

  • The backpack

    For the most experienced runners, it is a solution that may seem trivial, but it is possible to store your smartphone in hydration bags. Of course, if the bag is just to carry the smartphone it's not very useful and there are much more practical, less bulky and less expensive solutions. However, if you are going to run for a long time, you need to take water with you to stay hydrated. In this case, it's a good idea to get a hydration pack that has a pocket for your smartphone.

  • The pockets

    Then we come to the least practical solutions which are almost survival situations. We don't really recommend this solution, which will be more of a hindrance than anything else.

    At this rate it's time to invest a little!

  • By hand?

    Finally, we prefer to warn you, if having your cell phone in your hand can be the easiest and cheapest solution, you may not know it yet, but it involves risks that we advise you not to take...

    The "weight" of the smartphone, as light as it is, can cause a lot of little problems. As a result, it will create an imbalance in your whole body. To hold the smartphone, you will contract the muscles of the arm and consequently, those of the shoulder. You will thus have an imbalance of all the upper limbs and you risk to hurt yourself! So this solution is to be banned from now on.

On your marks, get set,


Now there are no more excuses to equip yourself with the right gear to improve your stride and your performance.

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