A harmless system

You are currently looking for a mount magnetic for your bike or motorcycle but you wonder if the magnets will damage your smartphone ?

It's a question we've been getting almost every week for the past 4 years, so we're going to set the record straight so you'll know everything there is to know about our magnets.

In fact, when we created our first magnetic mounts for running, cycling and motorcycles, we heard for a long time that magnets were dangerous for telephones and other electronic devices.

So we opened some books, put on our little glasses and decided to find out where this rumor came from and if it was really true.

Where did this idea come from?

An idea from the 90's

A little flashback is necessary...

At that time, data storage was done on hard disks that could be demagnetized and lose all their data. But these hard disks were never used for smartphones which have always had flash memories, totally indifferent to magnetic fields.

The same goes for the old cathode ray tube televisions! When a magnet was brought close to the screen, its magnetic field changed the trajectory of the moving electrons that collided on the screen. The most common result was a kaleidoscopic color effect, which means that the colors were scattered in the area where the magnet touched the screen. Similarly, this technology has never been used in smartphones.

Concerning our sleeves...

The absence of magnetic field inside our sleeves

This thought that magnets are dangerous for smartphones is therefore false.

The technologies used by smartphones are therefore different and are not impacted by the contact of a magnet, as long as the force of it is not extreme (the kind of magnets capable of breaking a finger) and that the contact is not indefinite (several months)

Even though our magnets are extremely powerful (they can support up to 50 times the weight of a smartphone), the magnetic field inside the sleeve is non-existent.

Indeed, it is important to notice that there is a 1.5mm metal plate on the side of the smartphone. This metal plate blocks the magnetic field completely.

You can test this yourself by trying to magnetize a small object inside the sleeve : it is not possible. The reason is simple: there is almost no magnetic field inside the sleeve and therefore near your smartphone.

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