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After months of waiting, spring is finally back! Gone are the cold and gray days, where the depression took over our daily life and hello the good weather and the good mood.

As you can see, at Shapeheart, we love the return of the warm weather ! Indeed, this rise in temperature is a reason to change the way you move! And today, we tell you all about the advantages of moving in electric scooter

1st advantage

Smaller, more practical! 

One of the main advantages of the electric scooter is undoubtedly its size! Easy to carry, to transport and to fold... Your scooter becomes a real ally of the everyday life in all your displacements. The weight of an electric scooter generally evolves between 10 and 15kg for an adult scooter, compared to the 20kg of the current bike.

Generally present on all the modern scooters, you will also have the possibility of folding this one on itself to facilitate its displacement in public transport or simply in your staircases! Quite practical

2nd advantage

What could be better than scootering in the spring? 

Indeed, the beautiful spring days are the perfect time to take out your scooter and enjoy a fast and extremely pleasant ride. Get some fresh air, relax and let yourself be carried away by the subtle breeze of beautiful days... Without making the slightest effort! Only your finger will be solicited during your route, present to control your speed! 

An incomparable feeling of freedom... 

Free yourself from the constraints of daily travel... No more traffic jams, transport strikes or bitter people in the metro, now say hello to responsible, faster and above all relaxing travel! 

How to make your trips easier? Discover our mounts smartphone for scooter !

3rd advantage

Trendy and more and more economical! 

The electric scooter has seduced countless people over the past 6 years, taking a considerable place in our society! Today present on all the cycle tracks, its market has not ceased to see the appearance of new actors over the years! You will find a multitude of models competing to offer you the best quality-price ratio. Count today 250€ for an electric scooter: an investment on the long term! 

4th advantage

Less effort, less Transpi'! 

One of the advantages not to be overlooked is the ease of use of electric scooters: quick, simple and practical... The scooter offers you comfort and less sweat! Arriving at work dry, without any trace of perspiration makes the difference, especially during periods of high heat... Enjoy a pleasantjourney... And without the slightest effort !  

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