Scooters: all the rules

Electric scooters have become an extremely popular means of transportation in recent years. As a result of this growth in users, several municipalities have decided to say"STOP" to many practices on the road!

Want to ride safely and be the perfect rider in your city? Shapeheart tells you all about the rules of riding a scooter

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    The driver

    First of all, it is important to check that you are in good standing to ride an electric scooter.

    The minimum age to be able to circulate in built-up areas is 12 years. And yes, the electric scooter is a motorized vehicle so it is not suitable for the youngest. Also make sure you are equipped with a helmet on the road (walking around with your hair blowing in the wind is not something you want to do right away...).

    Civil liability insurance should not be neglected either when you ride: for your safety and that of others.

    ITEM #2

    Where can I ride?

    Where to drive to be in good standing? Well... not everywhere!
    The bike path is obviously the most important route for all two wheels. However, if you don't find a bike path around, you are allowed to ride on roads limited to less than 50km/h.

    It is also possible to ride in pedestrian areas, if there is no bike lane. In this situation, you should not exceed 6km/h.

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    ITEM #3

    Self-service scooters: the case of Paris

    On April 2nd, Parisians went to the polls to express themselves on the case of self-service scooters. The vote was almost unanimous, since more than 89% of the votes were against their use.
    From September 1, 2023, you will not be able to find self-service scooters in the capital. Paris is not the first major city to ban their rental, and many cities should follow the movement.

    This ban does not prevent you from buying an electric scooter for yourself.

    " Tonight, Parisians have voted overwhelmingly against self-service scooters. Their very clear message is now our roadmap. With my team, we will follow up on their decision."

    - Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris

    ITEM #4

    Maintain your vehicle!

    Just as a car is regularly maintained and checked, it is equally important to take care of your vehicle. For the safety of others, but especially your own, remember to regularly check the reliability of your brakes, battery and tires.

    It is also compulsory to be equipped with a braking system, a horn, lights (front and rear) and rear and side reflectors.

    And remember, it's all for the safety of the many.

    You are finally ready to hit the road! Well equipped with your helmet, your scooter and especially with all these rules in mind ... you are now a pro electric scooter!

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