The myth of"Made in China

We will be 100% honest with you, like everyone else before starting Shapeheart, we were cautious about producing in China. Especially regarding the quality, the working conditions and the ecological cost. But after a few years, we feel legitimate enough to give you our point of view on the subject.

    "Made in China" is endorsing poor working conditions!"


    Good and bad...

    This is probably one of the first thoughts that comes to our mind when we say "produced in China". And it's even more so since the discovery of the Uyghur camps.
    However, even if this example (and others) is terrible and condemnable, all Chinese production is not just that. It's as if we still believe that Parisians are always sulking, all Americans are obese and Spaniards are exists but it's not just that, fortunately.
    The strong growth of the country has led to an increasingly qualified workforce and therefore to a rise in its cost. The brands that relocated to China in the 20th century brought work and capital to the people, which increased their purchasing power. 


    This has even allowed millions of citizens from the poorest countryside to access the lifestyle of the middle classes: culture, education, transport, health.
    Moreover, it is not by chance that most textile brands are starting to relocate their Chinese production to India, Bangladesh or the Philippines. China is no longer the cheapest country.

    Until the covid we went there for every production. We employ people there, so naturally we know all the factories we work with

    "Products made in China are of lower quality"


    The cult of "low cost"...

    To summarize this French dislike of Chinese products, the argument most often put forward is that of "low cost". low cost ". Everyone has already said it, and we ended up believing it: "Products " made in China " are of poor quality". Yes it exists on amazon, wish and others but again your smartphone laptop also comes from China and it works perfectly right?

    For us, who have been working with Chinese suppliers for a long time, we can assure you that yes, they know how to make low cost but also quality. In fact, as everywhere, they always give you value for money. When you treat your partners well, they give it back to you.
    In reality, what limits the quality of Chinese production is mainlythe specifications of the brands that are too often looking for the price.

    "Producing in China is killing the French company"


    To really understand the needs of companies...

    When French brands do not choose to commit themselves to produce in Europe to drastically reduce their ecological impact, they relocate to reduce their manufacturing costs.

    Finally, when these companies come back to Europe, it is only because the cost differences have been reduced, and rarely out of patriotic duty.

    You are going to tell us that we do not create jobs in France, but this is not true either... Of course, we do not create jobs in production, but we do create jobs in our offices(sales - marketing - communication), but also in distribution by working with small shops.
    Do you prefer a company that sells made in France online or a company that produces abroad but works with local shops?

    The reality... More attractive prices


    Better prices for us... and for you!

    Sincerely, would you be ready to buy your mount from smartphone twice as expensive simply because it is "Made In France"? It's true, how many of you have chosen our mounts because the price is much more attractive than those of our competitors?

    Thanks to our Chinese production, in addition to being sold at an price affordable to all, the product keeps a quality comparable or even better than that of other mounts on the market.  

    "Don't play on the false "Made in France""


    Be sincere with you...

    So yes, we could have done like other French companies. That is to say, import all the parts of our products, rent a warehouse in France to simply do the assembly in the country and be able to proudly say that our products are "Made in France" by putting Bleu-Blanc-Rouge flags all over the packaging. But isn't that just taking people for fools? 

    We prefer to play the transparency card

    "What about our international customers?"


    Stranger? Aren't we all?

    Because yes, we must also think that now, the majority of our products are sold abroad (outside France). And some of these countries are more accessible from Asia and China than from France.
    And for the other European countries for example, producing in France or in China is the same. The product is not made there. We are all foreigners somewhere.

    In short, China has a lot of assets, and if the intellectual property, the employees, the taxes are in France, we think that we already contribute enough to the system.

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