Back-to-school cycling gear

Back-to-school season is now coming and all bike users are getting ready to happily take back the road for their daily ride. For a safe and enjoyable cycling experience, it's essential to be well equipped.

In this article, we explore the essentials of cycling gear in 2023 

"The bicycle is one of the few human inventions that serve only good purposes" - Paul Guth

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Helmet and protection 

Safety is always THE priority. Start by choosing a high-quality helmet that offers optimum protection.
In addition to physical protection, wearing a helmet can also influence driving behavior by sending a positive message about safety to other road users.

Our recommendation of the year 2023 is the Brooks Island helmet from the "Lime" brand, combining performance and style so you can safely ride. your feet!

Sport shoes

Feet are getting through some hard work during and are exposed to injuries during your bike rides. Choose sports shoes specially designed for this kind of activity, with good ankle support for optimum protection. Decathlon offers you a wide range of shoes that combine elegance and functionality to meet your needs.

Equipment adapted to weather conditions 

Weather conditions can be moody, especially as autumn approaches. To stay dry during inclement weather, invest in quality rain gear, such as waterproof jackets and water-resistant gloves.

The Flotte brand offers practical options to protect you from unexpected showers and keep you pedaling comfortably.

The essential companion for all your cycling outings: Shapeheart!

Smartphone accessories

With the ubiquitous presence of technology, having the right support for your phone during your rides can be essential. "Shapeheart" sets itself apart by offering a phone holder designed specifically for cyclists. Its innovative magnetic mounting system allows you to securely attach your phone to your bike's handlebars or stem, giving you convenient navigation while keeping your eyes on the road. 

Practical luggage 

If you need to transport your belongings while out and about, functional luggage is a must. Waterproof bags, ergonomic backpacks and luggage racks can help you transport your belongings safely.

En Selle Marcel offers intelligent luggage solutions to meet the needs of cyclists, such as backpacks, baskets, luggage racks... 

As always, the back-to-school season offers the opportunity to renew your equipment. By choosing your equipment carefully, from helmets to phone accessories and protective clothing, you can enjoy every outing in complete safety. So get ready for an exciting and carefree back-to-sports season. 

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