What initiatives can cities take?

    Over the past few years, the use of bicycles in the city has continued to increase. This strong increase has led to the implementation of numerous projects in the city, for the great pleasure of our cyclists!

    But then, what are these initiatives set up by cities? And how can they be beneficial for our cyclists... We tell you everything! If you are still hesitating to start cycling, you won't have any excuse after reading this article! 


    Bicycle paths

    Having become a must in the major cities of Europe, bicycle lanes have clearly become a part of French people's daily lives in a sustainable way! 

    Subject to many criticisms, especially from motorists, these zones dedicated to cyclists are a godsend for all bike fans who want to ride safely. Since 2019, the French government has already invested more than 365 million euros in cycling facilities. A figure that will continue to increase.


    Bike subsidies!

    One of the real ecological objectives of the last few years is the limitation and reduction of gasoline-powered vehicles, especially cars. Bicycles are therefore one of the major alternatives to this popular mode of transportation.

    That's why the French government has set up a subsidy to initiate the purchase and use of a bicycle. A help that will make you happy, and that will be good for your wallet and for the planet!

    Choosing a bike is good... Choosing a well-equipped bike is better!


    Self-service rental

    You must have seen them near your home, these self-service bicycle rental areas, such as Vélib' or Véligo, which can greatly facilitate your daily life! Not enough space to store your bike at home?

    Afraid to invest in a bike that you won't use much? This service is the solution! Fast, convenient and more economical for occasional users... so don't hesitate anymore. 


    Car-free days

    Want to take full advantage of a bike ride in the city? Many municipalities have chosen to organize "car-free" days to offer their residents the opportunity to rediscover the city from a new angle.

    These days are also the nirvana of cyclists! Don't hesitate, September 22 is your day! Cities also regularly organizepedestrian days in certain districts, especially in summer. One more reason to take advantage of it. 

    There are still a multitude of initiatives put in place by cities to offer cyclists all the comfort and serenity needed to ride with a free mind. Want to find out more? Don't hesitate to contact your local municipality for more information! 

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