Pair a bluetooth heart sensor with Runtastic (Android) 

Android version

/It is necessary to have the paid version of Runtastic to access heart rate monitoring.

Mobile: Samsung Galaxy A3

Operating system: Android 6.0 and +

Application: Runtastic

Problem: Connect your heart rate monitor in Bluetooth Low Energy (or Bluetooth Smart) with your Runtastic application on Android

Start by pairing your heart rate sensor with the Bluetooth settings on your smartphone.


Once the Bluetooth and sensor are turned on, you can click on your heart rate sensor to pair it with your smartphone.

Then go to the Runtastic app, click on the running icon at the bottom right.

Then click on heart rate.

Click on the Bluetooth Smart icon, Runtastic Combo HR Monitor.

As you have paired your Shapeheart sensor, you will see it appear in the list of available devices.

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