Our CSR commitments

CSR policy, commitments, mobilization... Terms that appear more and more in our daily lives and that can sometimes be misunderstood. Shapeheart is committed at different levels and in different sectors to try to make the world around it move, on its own scale. 

But to understand these commitments, let's first understand: What is CSR? 

    The "Corporate Social Responsibility" represents all the actions put in place by companies to contribute to the challenges of sustainable development. Ecology, gender equality, inclusion of marginalized classes and many others...

    These are the kinds of issues that companies are looking at to do their part and contribute to a better future. Both internally and beyond their walls, companies are launching more and more action plans to act! 

      And at Shapeheart, do we act?

      The answer is yes!

      "With great power comes great responsibility" is what we like to say at Shapeheart. Originally, Shapeheart's original project came from the ambition to contribute to the limitation of electronic products.

      Indeed, the smartphone can now do everything, and replace a large number of single-use electronic devices. So we decided to turn the development of our products around this conclusion. 

      Supports smartphone that last...

      At Shapeheart, we are committed to producing quality, sustainable products to reduce overconsumption, which is taking a toll on our planet. With everlasting magnets that will never wear out or break, our products are committed to being with you for the long haul and never leave you!

      Our way of contributing to the limitation of the number of waste

      Responsible down to the packaging!

      From the product to the packaging, we are committed to making a difference! We have made the decision to remove 100% of the plastic from our packaging, but also to reduce its size as much as possible.

      Indeed, reducing the size of the product as much as possible allows to reduce the needs, but also the cost of transport. Smaller, recyclable and more responsible packaging! 

      We know about proximity!

      Digital is good, but so is local commerce! It is now possible to find Shapeheart in more points of sale around Europe. This is a way for us to help big brands as well as small local shops to keep their heads above water. 

      Shapeheart's DNA is all about inclusion, and that's why we're committed to making our products available to as many people as possible, with low prices and one of the best value for money on the market .

      We want to recycle!

      Helping to reduce the amount of waste, that's done! Is it enough? Surely not!

      To give a second life (and maybe even a third) to our products, we have set up a system to return our products on our website.

      It's as simple as that: you no longer use your Shapeheart holder, go to our website to find all the return information and revive your product!

      We still have a lot of progress to make to really make things happen, but each action is a contribution and a stone brought to the building. So would you like to help our planet and its inhabitants a little?

      So it's time to get moving! 

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