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We tell you everything you need to know to avoid breakage!

We are asked this question every day. Because yes, many of you have seen your iPhone or other smatphone unable to take a photo or a video due to the breakage of the optical stabilizer of the camera.

Lots of tweets, forum posts and Youtube videos on the subject. A number of us have experienced this little inconvenience. Because, yes, a smartphone without photos/videos is pretty penalizing.

The concerned brands have put a warning message on their website since a few months. We only quote you the main ones but all the brands offering this type of mount have the same problem.

Damaged camera

The problem?

Let's start with the basics:
All smartphones have a stabilizer to ensure sharp photos. This stabilizer is either mechanical or digital. If it's digital, no problem. If it's mechanical, that's where the problems come in (this is particularly true of iPhones).

As we all know, vibrations are very bad in many areas. In fact, the vibrations of motorcycles will cause the phone's stabilizer to resonate, causing it to fail.
The consequence? No photo or video possible, which is really annoying. Not to mention the cost of repair.

Is this the case with all supports? No.
And with all motorcycles? No.



If you have a rigid plastic or metal mount on your handlebars, to which you attach your phone, which is also in a rigid shell, it will transfer all the vibrations from the motorcycle or bike directly to the smartphone, and there's the risk of breakage. And if, on top of that, you have a motorcycle that vibrates a lot, like a Harley or MT07, to name but a few. You know the rest...

And there is no strict rule. Some break after a few miles, others after a few months. So it's a problem you have to anticipate. And there are two solutions.

Solution 1

Vibration absorbers

Some brands have recently come out with this kind of product. On the face of it, it does the job in most cases. There are always exceptions, but it seems to work. The problem is that you still have to pay between 20 and 35 euros more.

Passing 100 euros for a smartphone mount is starting to look expensive. This is the case with Quadlock and SP Connect, to name but a few.

Solution 2

Our proposal

Opt for a flexible silicone holder, which will help absorb some of the vibrations, coupled with a soft sleeve, and which will also give the phone a little movement (imperceptible to the naked eye).

That's where we're headed at Shapeheart!

We've also carried out a number of tests, so take a look at our explanations:

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