Motorcycle essentials

You are looking for the perfect gift for a motorcycle fan, or you are just looking for new accessories to equip your 2 wheels? Tired of going in circles and seeing the same products over and over again?

The Shapeheart's Team created the ultimate guide of to the best motorcycle's accessories !  

1. Tactile Gloves

During Winter, gloves are essentials for all motorcyclists. Anyone who has ever ridden a bike or a motorcycle knows how difficult it can be to drive during cold weather. So, want to warm up your hands a little bit ?

Gloves are the "must have". A tactile surface on your gloves can be a real "plus". No need to remove your gloves to take a call or adjust your GPS, touch makes life easier

2. A Smartphone Mount 

Indispensable, this is clearly what thehe support smartphone for motorcyclists. Practical, simple, it allows you to always have an eye on your smartphone in full safety.

Hundreds of models exist today on the market, but choosing the right mount, both qualitative, simple and durable is essential. We recommend our range of of Smartphone mount a simple and secure magnetic mount. The perfect gift for modern bikers. 

Handlebar Boost mount

Handlebar Screw mounting

Handlebar Elastic mounting

3. An Alarm Disk Block

And yes! Security is a must for a motorcyclist. Many thefts are committed daily, so to avoid losing your motorcycle, it is important to invest in a safe and reliable security system.

The disk blocker is the ideal solution! Sensitive to displacements, lifts or shakes, this alarm system will allow you to be reassured when you are long your 2 wheels, but also to dissuade the potential dishonest individuals! 

4. A First Aid Kit

An accident can happen quickly and cannot be predicted. That's why it's essential to always be equipped for your safety, but also for the safety of other motorists on the road. Don't forget, first aid can sometimes save lives, so don't hesitate and don't drive without yourfirst aid kit

5. Motorcycle Shoes

" Motorcycle shoes? But what's the difference with my street shoes? " is probably the question you're asking yourself. Well, these shoes are more robust and usually reach the calf or shin, they allow your ankle to be maintained, in case of a fall.

Indeed, don't forget that in an accident, the equipment is the only protection for the biker. It is also a good way to avoid damaging your favorite street shoes. 

There are still many other essential accessories for a biker, you have to do your research according to your needs but also your tastes! Customizing your motorcycle will allow you to make it even more unique, and to make each trip a moment of pleasure.

Want to learn more about smartphone Shapeheart media? We'll explain it all in our new article!

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