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You're probably wondering why everyone is talking about "Velotaf" these days?

It's simple, there are so many advantages to cycling around town that we can't help but recommend it to everyone! And no, you don't have to be a professional cyclist to do it, it's accessible to everyone.

Only advantages!

First of all, the bike is an ecological and economical means of transportation. No more need to spend money on fuel or on a transportation card! And then, imagine all the calories you burn while pedaling, a daily exercise that is good for your body!

Adopt the Vélotaf? It means being more responsible.

A bike is quite simple: pedal to move forward, no other explanation is needed. What is also very simple to understand is the positive impact that its use can have on the environment.

No fuel means no greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere, and that makes the planet breathe a little. The only renewable energy needed to ride a bike is your own legs (despite some effort)


Secondly, riding a bike in the city is also extremely good for your mental health. A real escape for your mind, far from the crowd... The perfect opportunity to clear your mind and discover new landscapes. A therapeutic, ecological and above all liberating method.

A true "Passe-Partout".

Bike are also a convenient way to get around town. It's faster than walking or taking public transportation, especially in high-traffic areas. Plus, you can squeeze in anywhere, even on small streets, and park easily, even when there's no more room for cars. A real plus

Customize your bike!

To adopt the velotaf, it is important to feel safe on the road. It is therefore important to ensure that your bike is in good working order, with functional brakes and lighting.

And then there are lots of cool accessories to make you feel even more secure and to enjoy yourself, like a bell to signal your presence, a luggage rack to carry your stuff, a basket for your dog, a bottle holder to drink while pedaling and even great support for smartphone to find your way around. 

Discover more accessories

In conclusion, riding a bike in the city has many benefits for the environment, mental health and practicality.

Cycling can be a simple and effective way to improve your quality of life. However, remember, safety on the road is the most important thing, so check your bike, wear a helmet and be aware of the rules of the road. And above all, don 't hesitate to enjoy yourself!

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