Unlock smartlock?

But what is the Smartlock?

Problem: Your smartphone automatically locks when you put it on its Shapeheart magnetic mount (Magnetic Dock for bike, motorcycle and scooter products, or on the belt magnet or armband for running products)?

Our solution: Disable the Smartlock

When you buy a shell or a case (plastic or leather, portfolio style), they have a flap that allows at first to protect the screen from scratches, falls or even shocks. Not everyone knows it, but it also allows you to automatically control the locking of your smartphones thanks to a small magnet, that's the smartlock.
The smartphone turns off every time you close the case on the main screen.

The smartphone locks automatically

On some smartphones of the new generation, the smartlock is automatically activated. It is possible that when you use our running armbands or our smartphone bike or motorcycle mounts, the screen of the smartphone will turn off as soon as you touch our product.
In fact, the light magnetic field of our magnets affects the clap very slightly, which activates the smartlock and locks the screen of your smartphone, which is rather annoying ...
So once the smartphone is placed on the support, it detects a very weak magnetic field and it locks it (exit the GPS).

We have prepared a quick tutorial to unlock the smartlock and not be bothered during his race.

Our solution: How to unlock it?

This is a relatively simple feature to configure.
You will find a simple 3-step scheme, taken with screenshots of a device Samsung, but all smartphones under Android work in much the same way.

From your smartphone, go to Settings > Lock Screen > Smart Lock > Device Detection on you > Disable

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